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What happens when you put some of the funniest comics working today together in a room and let them answer some of life's weirder questions?

Welcome to "Bad Advice"! In addition to covering some of the stranger real life news stories, our panel of funny people fire off the cuff answers to all the craziest questions people have the nerve to ask. Do we help anyone? Absolutely not! But you can always expect an hour of non-stop laughs. It's raw, it's rude and it's always hilarious. Listen and watch live, be part of the fun, or listen for free on itunes at your convenience. But be sure to be part of what has been reviewed as "The funniest podcast on itunes - hands down!" Leave us a question (the weirder the better) and enjoy the fun. If we really like your question, we'll send you a "Bad Advice" T-shirt. Just leave your size and email. You've got questions - we've got answers. Funny ones! "Bad Advice" - Come get some!

The Host

Drew Marks

Host and creator of "Bad Advice", Drew can best be described as a warm and sensitive individual who cares deeply for his fellow man, strives to make the world a better place on a daily basis and someone who turns to his deeply spiritual roots to help guide him through life's rough patches. Yeah, ok, none of that is true at all. Nicknamed "Drucifer", when asked why do a show called "Bad Advice", his response was "I haven't helped anyone yet - why start now?" He also thinks stupid people are funny.

Past Guests and Show Regulars

Tere JoyceTere Joyce
Lang ParkerLang Parker
Rick OvertonRick Overton
Reza AsgariReza Asgari
Rekka NicholsonRekka Nicholson
Rick IzquitaRick Izquita
Marie DelPreteMarie DelPrete
Ray ChaoRay Chao
Jeff HendrickJeff Hendrick
Dave DeLucaDave DeLuca
Perry KurtzPerry Kurtz
Ron SwallowRon Swallow
Emery EmeryEmery Emery
Joey MedinaJoey Medina
Gary W. O'Neal Jr.Gary W. O'Neal Jr.
Heather HendersonHeather Henderson
Bon OgleBon Ogle
Sal RodriguezSal Rodriguez
Vince DonVitoVince DonVito
Bobby SlaytonBobby Slayton
Tony MilazzoTony Milazzo
Shang ForbesShang Forbes
JJ WhiteheadJJ Whitehead

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